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Equalizers: How They Work and How to Work Them

Equalizers are an essential part of any sound system. They have many applications for various users. An equalizer is a filter that allows a person to control the tone (frequency response), of a sound system. There are two major types, parametric equalizers, and the graphic equalizer.

The equalizer itself does not manipulate sound or sound waves. Knowing how an equalizer works is not absolutely necessary to operate one. However, it can help in making accurate judgments about them.

The graphic equalizer is set up so you can graphically perceive how the controls are set simply by looking at it. Graphic equalizers are most commonly seen on high-end sound systems for large indoor spaces like halls, churches, etc. However, for much finer control a parametric equalizer might be considered.

We give a short primer on how to work an equalizer. For high-end systems, expensive instruments will optimize the usefulness of the equalizer, but there are things you can do without them.

In studying equalizers there are some terms that will be handy to know. In fact, if you are researching a purchase, a thorough understanding of this page will be vital.

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